• American Eagle Eco/Green Series Water System

  • The highest standards in the water treatment industry

    This alternative to water softeners uses no salt and reduces chlorine chemicals, taste, and odor. The Eco/Green Series is great for drinking, bathing, and plumbing.

    • A polished stainless steel outer tank encases a fiberglass filament center tank, which surrounds a heavy plastic blow-molded inner tank.

    • Great tasting water at every tap, no slippery feeling.

    • Leaves minerals in the water, and self cleans with fresh water.

    • TAC Scale Reduction also available on this model.

    Exclusively design for radiant water
    ...custom designed for you!

    Most home water conditioners use only a sceond-stage softening mineral in their filtration process, but Radiant Water sets its standards higher. American Eagle Econo/Green Water systems have up to 6-stages of filtration which consists of Catalytic Carbon, Coconut Carbon, KDF 55, Silica, Quartz, and TAC Scale Control

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