• American Eagle Econo Series Water System

  • The highest standards in the water treatment industry

    For environmental control of your household water supply, the American Eagle Water Systems soar above the competition. Exclusively designed for Radiant Water, they owe their reliability to high quality components and solid construction.

    • A compact Black or Almond fiberglass filament center tank, which surrounds a heavy plastic blow-molded inner tank. The Tank & Brine tank are also available in an all-in-one space saving cabinet.

    • Reliable, time-tested electro-mechanical meters last for decades, monitoring capacity so the water system regenerates only when necessary.

    • An automatic reserve means you never run out of quality filtered and softened water throughout your home.

    Exclusively design for radiant water
    ...custom designed for you!

    Most home water conditioners use only a sceond-stage softening mineral in their filtration process, but Radiant Water sets its standards higher. American Eagle Econo Water systems has a 3-stage filtration system.

    1st stage:

    Softening mineral filters water and removes iron.

    2nd stage:

    High grade silica removes cloudiness, "polishing" water to sparkling clarity.

    3rd stage:

    Quartz filter provides you with clear, delicious tasting water every time you turn on the tap.

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